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IMPORTANT: We are closed until further notice. Stay safe and healthy!


CHAMPS BOXING™ brings the New Orleans community a new, safe way to get a great workout in a fun-for-all format – focusing on you as an individual within the group setting.

Our recipe for everyday people reaching their long-term fitness goals:
Be HAPPY, have FUN, and LOVE often. Through MOTIVATION the most DETERMINED, DRIVEN people WANT this with all of their BEING, in a RELENTLESS DESIRE to make our HARD WORK the reality of true BELIEF which encourages a LASER FOCUS for complete overall peace. Through WILLPOWER and TENACITY, one will achieve their physical goals…

All one must do is HUSTLE!

There's no boxing ring here! This is simply a fun fitness facility inspired by boxing. Learn More

With the newest HYDROBLAST™ punching bag technology, impact is absorbed into the water bag – significantly reducing the force on your joints and hands. The unique shell design and water filling also provides the life-like feel of a human body.

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David Jeansonne
Courtney Ippolito
“The Boss”
Bonnie Smith
Ryan Roy
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