CHAMPS BOXING™ offers a state-of-the-art boxing-inspired fitness facility, including water-filled HYDROBLAST™ bags that practically eliminate any recoil on your hands and wrists!

Our facility was specifically designed to give you a revolutionized, safe way to get a great workout in a fun-for-all format without the quick burnout that a vast majority of people hit after a few short months. Our venue is equipped with 28 of the newest tear-drop HYDROBLAST™ water bags, absorbing your strikes and providing a life-like feel with no recoil impact or joint pressure. With ample parking, energetic color combinations, the easiest paperless finger-vein membership software and a customized timer with personally-selected music playlists for virtually every walk of life, CHAMPS BOXING™ truly caters to “Everyday People”. You won’t be blasted with heavy metal or hardcore rap lyrics in our classes, but you’ll hear just about everything in between.

Nowhere in this city or others will you find a facility where couples, siblings and full families are all working out with friends (both old and new). Everyone leaves laughing while they are dripping with sweat! ….Enough said.

We are located at 4650 West Esplanade Avenue near Clearview in Metairie, just minutes from any part of the city while avoiding the daunting trek and traffic down Veterans Boulevard. See you soon CHAMP!