Our Story

CHAMPS BOXING™ offers something better than the cookie-cutter franchise programs. Try us out today and see how we can turn your “routine” workout into a one-hour way of life at CHAMPS!

I recently recognized a huge opportunity in our city for a group fitness program that conforms to literally everyone. While group fitness will always be in a multi-person setting, it should focus on you as an individual. My goal has been to bring the community a revolutionized, safe way to get a great workout in a fun-for-all format without the quick burnout that a vast majority of people hit after a few short months. Most programs boast about creating a “lifestyle”, but then in the same breath promise to get you “fit fast”. I have been after something better. Much better.

A program unlike the standard, cookie-cutter franchise facilities that ask you to comply very specifically to their regimen; burning out everyone except the most experienced fitness guru long before you reach that second and third phase of your long-term fitness goals. So, this new boxing-inspired group fitness craze has certainly surpassed its trendy stage. There is something that is so individualized about that bag that seems to separate each person from the group—giving you the ability to “Leave It All On The Bag!”, delivering the best workout possible. If you’ve done it, you absolutely understand… If you haven’t you are about to find out!

The Team: I sought out and hand-picked two partners on this project for very specific reasons: We all bring a little something different to the table with our backgrounds but all behold one very important, key ingredient: A whole bunch of passion for what we do! With our expansive technology background and experience in the group fitness arena, motivational space and hospitality industry… Top it all off with an audio-visual expert and you have the recipe for the best one-hour workout of your life!

The location is 4650 West Esplanade Avenue near Clearview in Metairie, just minutes from any part of the city while avoiding the daunting trek and traffic of Veterans Boulevard.

I look forward to seeing you soon!
David Jeansonne, Founder